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Purified Water, Natural Emulsifier, 99% CBD Hemp Isolate

Disclaimer: All products are below 0.2% THC content



CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from the hemp or marijuana plant. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant which appears taller and leaves being concentrated more on the top part of the plant. Hemp is a non-flowering breed of cannabis. It contains very low amounts of the other cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana plant, on the other hand, is bushier and contains flowers (or doesn’t depending on growers’ choice). Compared to hemp, they are less tall and the leaves and buds appear throughout the plant. Marijuana contains THC. The extracts from marijuana are more potent as their THC and CBD content are more.

– No Flowers, buds, seeds, isolates

Strength: 500mg of CBD (Approx 2mg per drop)

Ingredients: Hemp extract, Hemp seed oil

Disclaimer: All products are below 0.2% THC content

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